Dec. 17th, 2007

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As some of you know, [profile] fwildehad this great idea for a blog called "Travels With Child."  It's a resource and refuge for people who (wait for it...) travel with children.  And as some of you know, I travel with a child quite a I'm just as pleased as punch to be a co-editor and contibutor on this blog.

Go.  Read.  Contribute.  Enjoy.

Even if you don't travel with your own children but have had the back of your plane seat kicked for 7 straight hours, there's a place for you on TWC.  And if you've driven, flown, bussed, or bicycled with one or more kids, on purpose or accidentally, around the block or around the world, we'd love to hear from you!   Tell us what works for you, what doesn't, or what you need help with.

You can also subscribe to have the blog articles delivered to your friendslist:
     TWC Distant covers trips that require a full day's travel or more, and at least an overnight stay
     TWC Local covers daytrips and more lowkey travel
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OK, another traunch of getting rid of stuff.  It appears that I just don't have time for all my various crafting endeavours, so I will send you any or all of the following arts and crafts stuff for the cost of postage.  First comment first served.  All items are used but functional.

Approximately 7 billion pastels in a nice wooden box)
Assorted charcoal, conte crayons, pencils
Ink dip pens and nibs
Calligraphy pens and inks
2 tabletop easels for displaying small things

Canvas apron

Candle making stuff (a couple molds, some wicking, scents and dyes, etc)
Soapmaking (molds, scents, etc)
Woodburning tool
Leatherworking stuff - dye swabs, thongs, grommets (the grommets would work for other fabric or vinyl applications too)
Colored wax for seals
Sewing patterns (RenFaire, medieval, Halloween)
Random trims (black lace, feathers)


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