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I'm LadyRadium on Dreamwidth.

Thanks for the invite code, meara!
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 The last time I logged into this account was over two years ago.  And yet, I remembered my username and password.  I'm slightly scared of myself.

As much as the LJ UI is ugly and a little unruly, I never really liked Facebook's lack of customization.  So it's nice to be back in the land of userpix and themes.
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TSA endangers child's life by contaminating his feeding tube despite pleas

The TSA endangered the life of child who has a surgical feeding tube in his stomach by opening up his backup tube, contaminating it. The child pleaded with the TSA officer, who said that she had to open it or refuse to allow the child to board the plane. After an Orlando television station investigated the story, the TSA agreed to look into the incident:
James Hoyne, 14, has a feeding tube in his stomach and carries a back-up in a sealed clear plastic bag. Hoyne said two weeks ago a TSA officer insisted on opening the sterile equipment, contaminating his back-up feeding up tube which he later needed.

"I said 'Please don't open it' and she said 'I have to open it whether you like it or not. If I can't open it, I can't let you on the plane,'" Hoyne said of his conversation with the TSA screener.


"Whether you like it or not."  Jesus.

I don't know how to be a revolutionary, but I'm about ready to learn.  There's got to be a way to get rid of TSA...or at least, replace them with robots.  One of the big problems with TSAs is that they try to think for themselves and interpret what they've been told to do, especially when they forgot the exact instructions, and they get it wrong a lot.

I think one of the first things is to stop needing to get on the plane.  "If I can't open it, I can't let you on the plane," seems like a reasonable place to start.  I know that given the choice between dying and missing my flight, I'll miss my flight.  Of course, I'm not a 14yo boy confronted with a TSA, someone whose lifeblood is conflict.  I'm just now to the point where I'm willing to stand at security for hours asking them for a signed warrant if they want me to turn on my company's laptop.

Please, people - help your fellows.  If the kid next to you is being hassled by TSA, step in.  TSA wants to accelerate all conflicts to Defcon 4, because physical violence is the last refuge of the incompetent...but you don't have to let that happen.  Use social aikido - just keep asking them, pleasantly, for the exact part of their charter that applies.  Keep asking, pleasantly, for a supervisor.  DO NOT get your priorities screwed up.  Your liberty and freedom is MUCH more important than making your flight.


Mar. 5th, 2008 09:52 pm
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I'm glad for one thing:  D&D managed to escape from the stigma that seems to always have surrounded it, and Gary Gygax got to see that before he died.

I don't know when it happened, exactly, or why, exactly.  I think it was when those of use who started gaming as kids finally achieved a level of economic stability and said, "Wait, I'm not an acne-riddled loser who will never amount to anything!  I'm a movie star (Vin Diesel), a major league pitcher (Curt Schilling), a happily married successful professional (me), and I love D&D.  So screw you all."

The fact that I met the guy I'm happily married to via gaming is a plus.

The internet helped - we could talk about it with like-minded others, those of us who don't look like gamers.  After years of doing the subtle social dance ("I bet he games...I wonder if I should invite him to game...what if he doesn't game...what if my colleagues find out I game?") it's okay to say I'm a gamer.  Of course, most people will assume I mean Xbox or computer games when I say I game, but I know the truth...and I know that the insanely huge computer-gaming industry wouldn't exist without D&D either.

The fact that it's okay for 14 million people worldwide to play WoW is due to Gygax (and Arneson and that whole group).

The fact that it's okay for me to say I game and not get called a satanist or a freak is a nice bonus.

Thanks, Gary.  I didn't always agree with you, but I owe you. 


Jan. 3rd, 2008 11:37 am
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OK, I just registered to vote in Virginia.  This will hose my taxes, but instead of voting absentee in a state that will go blue anyway, I have a chance to make a difference with my vote.

Of course, I have no idea who I'm going to vote FOR.  Whoever gets elected will inheirit a big old steaming bag of shit, courtesy the Shrub, so in a way I feel like another Republican should have to deal with that.  But I can't face 4 more years of Republican appointments, let alone everything else.  So which of the Democrats do I saddle with the cleanup?  I'm leaning toward Obama, but minorities in America have been handed bags of shit for centuries and it might be nice to break with tradition.

And there's no way I'm voting for Hillary.  It's bad enough selecting a president from a wide open field of two candidates; let's not make it a wide open field of two families. 
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OK, another traunch of getting rid of stuff.  It appears that I just don't have time for all my various crafting endeavours, so I will send you any or all of the following arts and crafts stuff for the cost of postage.  First comment first served.  All items are used but functional.

Approximately 7 billion pastels in a nice wooden box)
Assorted charcoal, conte crayons, pencils
Ink dip pens and nibs
Calligraphy pens and inks
2 tabletop easels for displaying small things

Canvas apron

Candle making stuff (a couple molds, some wicking, scents and dyes, etc)
Soapmaking (molds, scents, etc)
Woodburning tool
Leatherworking stuff - dye swabs, thongs, grommets (the grommets would work for other fabric or vinyl applications too)
Colored wax for seals
Sewing patterns (RenFaire, medieval, Halloween)
Random trims (black lace, feathers)
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As some of you know, [profile] fwildehad this great idea for a blog called "Travels With Child."  It's a resource and refuge for people who (wait for it...) travel with children.  And as some of you know, I travel with a child quite a I'm just as pleased as punch to be a co-editor and contibutor on this blog.

Go.  Read.  Contribute.  Enjoy.

Even if you don't travel with your own children but have had the back of your plane seat kicked for 7 straight hours, there's a place for you on TWC.  And if you've driven, flown, bussed, or bicycled with one or more kids, on purpose or accidentally, around the block or around the world, we'd love to hear from you!   Tell us what works for you, what doesn't, or what you need help with.

You can also subscribe to have the blog articles delivered to your friendslist:
     TWC Distant covers trips that require a full day's travel or more, and at least an overnight stay
     TWC Local covers daytrips and more lowkey travel
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Anyone have tips on finding a babysitter?


Anyone have experience with Nutrisystem or similar plans?


Nov. 13th, 2007 10:24 pm
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I can't figure out who some of these are supposed to be, and some are atrocious.  But I want about half of them.
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Today has totally sucked for me.  The only good news is that Robert isn't in the first traunch of 50 draftees to Iraq...but of course, now that this direct assigning has started, it will probably become status quo.  And when we invade Iran, we'll need hundreds of more diplomats...since the Bush administration likes to put embassies in war zones, so it can pretend there's no war.

Anyway, yes, very good news for us, but the rest of the day blew.  And I got home to discover that someone stole our huge pumpkin - that's not a prank, jackholes, that's just theft.  So now I'm disinclined to do our big trick-or-treat thing.  Fuck 'em.  We used to give out 65-80 bags of candy each Halloween, so we laid in 100 this year, but without the graveyard and effects we probably won't get that many kids.

Maybe I'll order pizza and tip the deliverator in candy.

Anyway, I hope everyone else's Halloween is super fabulous!
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Why are most ASL translators female?

Seems like every TV show with accompanying translation (you see this less with closed captioning), every lecture, every corporate event I see/attend with ASL translation, it's a woman doing it.  Sometimes more than one.  Why, I wonder? 
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Last 2 days I've been in orientation for my new company.  The one I started working at about 6 months ago.  Orientation at this stage was pretty pointless...PowerPointless to be precise.  I think it was actually some sort of new Gitmo technique, to see how many consecutive hours of PowerPointless a person can stand.

Not many.

If I ever have to do another PPT myself, it will have no clipart, and be structured along the lines of the "Real Men of Genius" radio ads.  Or Colbert's The Word.  
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A Flying Spaghetti Monster costume for Halloween - how cool is that?

ION, I have a computer again, after much swearing and cursing and the purchase of a new hard drive.  Thank HAL I stored all my data on the other hard drive, the one without Windows on it, so I still have my stuff.


Aug. 17th, 2007 07:34 pm
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[ profile] spectralbovine found this beautiful daemon-identifier at the official site of The Golden Compass movie. I came out with Achaen, the Tiger, but I suspect others' input may change that.

Seriously, this is one of the most beautiful sites I've seen in a while, and makes me hopeful about the movie.

Yard Sale

Aug. 16th, 2007 04:19 pm
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(crossposted everywhere)

We have several things to sell, but because I recently found out that a friend just went out and spent $300 on something we had and craigslisted for $50, I thought I would post the sale items for friends and family first, before craigslisting them.

Please leave a comment if you want something or want to make a counteroffer. First come first serve. If you don't live near me and want something off the "Will Not Mail" list, you will have to pay for shipping. I've tried to link to item descriptions on the 'tubes, but if you want a photo of the actual item I have, I will try to comply. All items are complete and fully functional, unless otherwise noted.


Poster:  Mina Harker watercolor by Jon J. Muth.
Free, with postage
I wish I had a good photo of this.  It's Muth's illustration of Mina from "Dracula: A Symphony of Moonlight and Nightmares."  More to the point, I wish I still had a copy of that graphic novel, since it sells for about $100 now.  The image here is Lucy, not Mina, but it should tell you a bit about the style.

Gargoyle Snow Globe
Free + postage
Kitsch, but gothish kitsch.  A gaygoyle is inside a crystal globe atop a castle-wall-look pedestal.  The "snow" is irisdescent glitter.  It's a music box that plays "Music of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera.  Overall heigh about 6 inches.

Baby Backpack
$30 + postage
This was a crucial part of our lives with Mallory for the first 2 years.

Kenmore Sewing Machine model # 17624
$50 + postage
Lightly used, in original box.

Sidewinder Force Feedback Steering Wheel
$50 + postage
Used twice.  In original box.

Toshiba DVD Player - SD 5700
$45 + postage
Used but in awesome condition; in original box.

Arcadia K2 Hybrid Mountain Bike        
blue/grey    Lightly used, but the movers cranked the handlebars when they put it into storage, so it will need repair.

Giant Yukon Mountain Bike        
red/black   Lightly used

Inifinity Micro II Home Theater Speakers (5.1)
I can't find a photo online, as these are not new speakers.  The set, in two boxes, consists of a subwoofer, a center channel speaker, and 4 satellite speakers for surround sound.  The speakers are cylindrical, about 4.5 inches diameter and 7 inches tall.  Great for small spaces.

I also have a ton of art supplies, including a standing easel, drawing boards, a big box of pastels, etc.
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I'm sick, and sick of being sick. And whiny. And wishing I had a chance to take some time off to get well, but alas, I used all my leave time staying home with Sick!Mal, and then took unpaid leave for R's graduation...and we need the money. So I'm sick.

And whiny.

We were *this* close to naming Mal Sam. Now that I'm watching Supernatural, I'm glad we didn't. I also found out that Grampa Winchester has an uncle Dean.
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