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Warning for Non-Parents:  Diaper humor ahead.

Mal just had his regularly-scheduled diaper load event.  Unfortunately, we were all roughhousing at the time, so the smell pretty much knocked me and Robert out cold.  We both pretended to pass out, and Mallory got concerned and knelt down to look in our faces and ask if we were okay.  But that's not the point of this story, cute as it was.

R said, "He needs a change, stat!"  I said, "No, wait a bit.  I want to make sure he's finished.  Ain't nothing worse than being in the middle of changing him, to discover he's got a little something extra."

"A lagniappe?"

"A lag-nappy!"

"Nappy Lag!"

At which point we both started laughing like drains, and Mal got even more concerned.  Poor kid.  You really shouldn't expose them to bad puns at such an early age.
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Mal's 15 months in a week, so I've been fussing again about his stunning lack of talking...I mean, he talks ALL. THE. TIME. Just in Mal words, not English (or Greek) words. He has a word for "cat" that is occasionally applied to dogs and pigeons walking on the ground. He has a word for "good" or "interesting." He has a word for "Bored now." But, you know, I need something to obsess about, so his refusal to say "hi" or "bye" or "mama" is it.


He says "blub" a lot to me, and I thought it was just a noise until today at lunch, when I did my standard "Love love love!" to him. And he came right back, same pitch and cadence, with "Blub blub blub!"

So maybe?


Apr. 5th, 2006 02:59 pm
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I was supposed to have my annual ob/gyn kenobi exam today, but I couldn't get a babysitter. So cancelled. It turns out Robert is really bored at work and could have watched Mal for an hour (my doctor is a couple blocks from the embassy) but we couldn't know that in advance.

So I played with Mal all day until he crashed for a long nap, during which I worked on revising this short story.

I'm probably not the first woman to forego a PAP in favor of writing.

Playing with Mallory was good too. I had to clean the balconies, as pollen was about an inch deep on them. Not to mention a few random poisonous caterpillars that had wound up on our balconies. (These caterpillars are very odd. They huddle in bunches of 50 of so on the ground, and when they go somewhere they line up nose to tail - not that caterpillars have either - and trundle along in a line. You'd think they'd be prime picking for birds, but they are highly caustic. Contact with them results in something almost indistinguishable from chicken pox.)

So I put Mal in his wetsuit and he splashed about in the water as I hosed down and squeegeed the upstairs balcony. Downstairs was dirtier, so he sat in his stroller under the trees and watched me and the kitties and the birds. Of course, the nasty feral cats are the main reason why the balcony is so gross, but to Mal they are kitties.

After that we strolled over to the park and played on the swings. One of the tortoises who lives in the park was running around (for a tortoise) and we watched her searching for particularly succulent plants while we had lunch. It was a gorgeous day to be outside, the best kind of day to not work full-time.
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Blogger is down, so quick notes here for Mal's blog.

He was supposed to have his one-year checkup at the embassy today, but there's a general strike so we couldn't get in. Instead we went to Carrefour, where he always has a great time. He and I disagreed the whole time about where exactly my hands where allowed to go on HIS cart. He initiated boarding action on a housekeeping cart. Lots of other kids waved at him and said "gia sou!" And an older gentleman told me very carefully that he is a beautiful boy and looks just like a little angel.

Then he slept for 2.5 hours and has decided that I need to be holding him at all times. So it's been a tense afternoon.


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