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2006-01-25 09:06 am
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Carnage Couture

Sometimes the big name fashion house shows get on my nerves, because they don't show real clothes that real people can really wear.  And yet, they often aren't art, either.  Craft, definitely.  Design, yes.  But art is infrequent. 

Dior's summer show just blew that away.  Galliano didn't even make a pretense of real-world-clothes like Armani or some of the other houses continue to try for.  He just went straight to the art.  It was a mixed media gallery opening, not a "what you'll see at the mall this summer."

This piece in particular hit me in the art plexus:

From the shrouded face to the deconstructed corset to the bloody hem, it's a powerful interpretation of the aristocracy during the Reign of Terror.