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A bit ago I alluded to my friend K– hauling my half-naked and unconscious self up out of a pool while berating some Muslim men.

At this point, we all took stock and decided to leave while we still could.  And that is how we came to call Sunway Lagoon “Tortway Lagoon.”
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A new officer and his wife recently arrived at post here.  We knew them in what seems like another lifetime, when we all served together in Malaysia.  Some memories stand out, like the time we all co-hosted a Halloween party at their house, and sometime around midnight the guy thought it would be a good plan to go off with some of the other guests.  He was maybe a bit drunk, but thought he could get a taxi back.  He failed to take into account the fact that he was dressed as a Greek God, in a tiny white miniskirted toga, with gold leaves on his head and gold curly ribbon wrapped around his bare feet to indicate sandals.  Oddly, no taxi driver in this very Muslim country was inclined to pick up a big Orang Buti in a miniskirt in the wee hours.  So he walked back the couple miles barefoot.  At least it wasn't cold.

But the memory of this couple that really stands out was when we all went to the brand new waterpark in KL, and she ended up hauling my unconscious and topless self out of the pool. )


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