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New request for play-testing another Halloween game.

The schtick is that you are a Fearless Vampire Hunter or Monster Slayer or whatever, and you have to defeat each of these monsters.

To do so, you have to pick the best "weapon" from here

There are more "weapons" than monsters, so you won't use all of them. Each monster has one best answer/downfall/enemy.

Feedback, as always, welcomed.

The Answers

Oct. 2nd, 2006 01:24 pm
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OK, rather than descreening comments, I decided to just post the answers to the quiz.  Feedback, as always, welcome.

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Howdy, horror fan!  It's getting on toward Halloween, so I'm preparing party games for my Halloween party.  Want to help play-test?  Please put your answers in the (screened) comments, and your assessment of each question (easy, medium, hard).  Thanks!

Are You Sure it Goes Like That?

Hollywood is a busy place, especially when it comes to producing horror movies.  Can you figure out the movie from the synopses provided below by bored and underpaid copy writers who never actually saw the film?  Hint:  These movies were all major releases.

Example:  A band of stunted miners take in an outcast waif, then rise up against and depose the ruler of their land when the child is poisoned while under the protection of their home. 

Answer:         Snow White and the Seven Dwarves


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