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Our upstairs neighbor asked us today what we thought of May 1st, and if we'd just learned about it here in Greece. As if no one else in the world observes Labor Day. We responded that since we got the day off from work it was fine with us. The reality's a little more complicated, of course...

I received this letter today from my father's widow, about my father's work for labor unions. Being born in New Mexico in the 30s and politically active in the 60s, he was always in the thick of things. He'd be amused that his grandson spent the day saying "Wobbly wobbly wobbly," which we thought very appropriate.

Anyway, the letter:

Your husband's hard work allowed me and my sons many opportunities. It is hard to know how much his legacy will impact the future. I had spoken with him about the first NM collective bargaining act. He had worked for years to help this happen. He felt that it had little impact because most NM cities were still able to keep out unions. I was not able to impress upon him how much it did help. Without the act, I would not have been able to help organize the city workers. The old act sunseted in 1999 but the new act will not sunset. Public employees in the state now have a right to collective bargaining due in part to his work.

My works and achievements are possible because of individuals like your husband. My devotion to my fellow man is a repayment for what many
like him have sacrificed for me.


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